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-Granular Fertilization
-Liquid Fertilization
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-Insect Control
-Disease Control
-Fungus Control
-Outdoor Pest Control
-Grub Treatment
-Chinch Bug Treatment
-Harmful Beetle Treatment
-Monthly Service
-Minor Repairs
-Head Replacement
-Coverage Adjustments
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-Thatch Reduction
-Soil De-Compaction
-Core Aeration
-Soil Testing

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Lawn Care and Tree & Shrub Care in Charlotte, North Carolina

At Plant It Earth lawn care is not merely our business, it’s our passion. Nothing makes us happier than green grass and healthy trees and shrubs. In addition to adding value to your home, healthy grass, trees and shrubs play an important role in quality of life. A 5000 square foot lawn produces enough oxygen for a family of four annually. Your lawn and landscape absorb carbon dioxide and produce pure oxygen. Lawns provide a cooling effect equal to tons of air conditioning for your home and filters pollutants contained in the rain. Trees and shrubs provide shade from the sun’s infrared heat. Our world would be a much harsher place without the benefits provided our actively growing green spaces.

The Charlotte region is located in the transition growing zone. In our area you will see northern (cool season) grass types like Tall Fescue and Ryegrass and southern (warm season) grass types like Bermuda and Zoysia growing side by side. You will see northern ornamentals like holly and laurel in the same landscape with southern ornamentals like crape myrtle, azalea and magnolia. Our unique climate, rainfall patterns and clay soil present some big challenges for maintaining healthy lawns and landscapes.

Plant It Earth has become the fastest growing lawn care company because no other company can match our combination of expertise, personalized service and the attention to detail we provide every customer from Tampa to Atlanta to Charlotte.

We evaluate your grass type, soil, shade and topography and customize a program just for your unique conditions.

Irrigation Services, Aeration Services, Seeding Services, Maintenance Services and more in Charlotte, North Carolina

Plant It Earth offers a full menu of services to satisfy any budget or any desired result. Customers can package services or choose individual services.

Packages range from our all inclusive monthly plan to the quarterly weed and feed plan. We offer aeration only for Bermuda and Zoysia as well as aeration and seeding for Tall Fescue. Customers can sign up for full maintenance for mowing, pruning, mulching and irrigation systems.

Give us a call and we can build a customized program just for you!

Choose from our list of services or give us a call for a custom quote. You can also call to schedule an appointment.

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