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Professional lawn care began in the late 60’s in Ohio. It was founded on the premise that trained and motivated employees would provide excellent service to their customers which would in turn produce the anticipated financial results. This win-win-win model was embraced by the industry for many years. As the business matured, many companies strayed from the original core values and put profit motives ahead of employees, customers and the environment.

Plant It Earth was founded in 2003 in Florida to re-establish those core values that made the industry a great value proposition for homeowners across America.

Here at Plant It Earth we take the safety of employees, customers and neighbors seriously. We are fully licensed and insured in the state of North Carolina. Our employees are extensively trained in proper application techniques and are rewarded on customer satisfaction based on retention, not on how many properties they can treat in a day or week.
Plant It Earth Charlotte is locally owned and operated. Our GM has 26 years of experience caring for Charlotte area lawns and our service manager has 15 years.

Our service features:

- No written contracts
- 2 technicians on each truck
- Weed and insect control products only applied when needed, where needed.
- Customized treatments for each lawn/landscape
- Traditional and natural organic fertilizer combinations
- Award winning customer service
- Guaranteed results

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