Proper Watering

There are 4 basis rules for proper mowing:

1. Water deeply and in-frequently. Watering deeply encourages a deep root system. Frequent and light watering actually results in a shallow root system. Watering twice per week for an hour is a better practice than watering everyday for 20 minutes. Wet the soil to a depth of 3-4 inches and allow the top of the soil to dry out between watering. Light frequent watering also encourages disease activity.

2. Water at the right time. Watering during the heat of the day can cause scorch and damage the grass. You also lose water to evaporation. A percentage of the water evaporates before hitting the soil. Watering during the morning or early evening extends the lawn’s natural “wet period” and will encourage disease... especially if you have Tall Fescue. The best time to water is actually between 2AM and 8AM. This is only practical if you have an automatic irrigation system. If you do not have an irrigation system then watering between 8AM and 11AM is the best alternative.

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