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Lawns in the Charlotte area are very susceptible to fungus. Tall Fescue is quite vulnerable to Brown Patch. Left undetected Brown Patch can cause severe and permanent damage. This fungus starts out as a small black spot on the grass blade. As the disease progresses to the secondary infection stage, a tan lesion develops across the width of the blade interfering with the movement of water and nutrients within the plant. Once the fungus infects the crown, the plant will die.

For any fungus to cause damage, three factors must be present. First, the pathogen must exist in the soil. Fungus spores are present in all soil types in all areas of the country. Second, there must be a susceptible host plant. While Tall Fescue is susceptible to brown patch, Bermuda is not. Third, environmental conditions must be favorable for disease development. Night time temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees, high humidity and wet conditions on the soil surface are the perfect conditions for brown patch. The disease symptoms will clear up when the weather conditions that activated the fungus change.

Brown patch fungus spreads from plant to plant, usually at night. Spores from an infected plant spread to a healthy plant as the grass blades come in contact with each other. This is the reason thicker lawns tend to suffer more damage than thin, weedy lawns. Excessive spring fertilization can also contribute to the severity of fungus infection by weakening the grass plant with excessive top growth.

Our technicians are trained to look for early symptoms of disease activity and take proactive steps to control damage. They will advise you on proper mowing and watering to help keep the disease from getting established as improper watering and mowing will contribute to increased disease activity. Fungicides can help prevent the spread of fungus and limit any damage. Fungicide treatments are included in our monthly service but are an additional charge in all other situations. We do offer preventative fungicide program for our standard treatment options for lawns that have a history of disease problems. Your technicians can help you make the right choices.

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