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At Plant It Earth we utilize liquid and granular fertilizers determined by grass type, soil moisture and temperatures. We combine traditional and natural organic blends to keep the lawn healthy and green. There are 4 basic components to our fertilizer products:

- Nitrogen contributes to top growth and color.
- Phosphorous promotes root development.
- Potassium is essential for plant hardiness in the heat of the summer and the extreme cold of winter.
- Iron promotes deep green color without forcing top growth.

Our agronomists and technicians have the expertise to determine the proper ratios and rates of the essential nutrients on Charlotte’s many grass types, soil conditions and varied weather patterns. Too much nitrogen on Tall Fescue can promote brown patch fungus. Too little nitrogen on Bermuda can result in dollar spot disease.

We limit the use of phosphorous in all of our programs over environmental concerns. Phosphorous tends to “run off” during heavy rainfall events and can end up in our many streams and lakes. Excessive phosphorous contributes to algae growth and oxygen depletion.

Making the right decision when it comes to fertilization is critical to the health and appearance of lawns in the Charlotte area. You can be confident that the staff at Plant It Earth has the right training, equipment and products to make the right decision for your lawn every time we visit your home.




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