Custom Tailored Tree and Shrub Care In North Carolina: For A Healthy Beautiful Yard

Plant It Earth offers a wide range of services to keep your trees and shrubs as healthy as we keep your lawn. Charlotte area landscapes contain both northern plants and southern plants. Living in the transitional growth zone brings with it many challenges. Insects like scale, lace bugs and web worms cause extensive damage to planted ornamentals. Canker worms and oak caterpillars wreak havoc on our tree canopy annually. Diseases like leaf spot, powdery mildew and rust attack native and transplanted ornamentals causing widespread damage in every landscape. Charlotte’s unique soil conditions require special fertilization to keep our trees and shrubs healthy and growing. The experts at Plant It Earth can design a customized program for your landscape.

Our services include fertilization, insect control, disease control, oak tree banding and dormant oil treatments. Pricing is based on the number of trees and shrubs that need regular treatment. Not every planting needs to be sprayed. Our technicians are trained to scout and treat also known as integrated pest management. Too many companies spray everything in the landscape harming beneficial insect populations and creating more issues than they are solving. You can have confidence that our tree technicians have the right training, equipment and products to keep your landscape healthy and attractive in an environmentally responsible manner.

Complete tree and shrub care is included in our monthly lawn program and provides a great value for customers looking for an all inclusive, hassle free proactive approach to keeping their properties looking their best.

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